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Who we are

GoCareer was created out of a recognition that career advice needs to change, and to keep up with the real labour market. Career decisions are taken today based on incorrect or out of date information. Generations of young people have – unfortunately – been given inadequate advice about careers, and in some cases, this has led to severe skills shortages in sectors that are absolutely vital to the economic prosperity of UK PLC. GoCareer is here to change this once and for all.

What do we do?

We take insight gained from a broad range of platforms, including social media sites and job market data, to map out the pathways taken by people who are succeeding in their chosen career. This is then translated into an easy-to-understand chart, showing the skills required to achieve success in a host of careers within the Digital Sector. The product makes it simple and straightforward for people to identify the skills they will need to enter a particular industry, and vitally, offers insight that can be used by educators to better align courses to meet current and future industry requirements.